Universal Battery Elimination Circuit (UBEC) is a switch mode DC regulator that takes the high voltage (up to 23 volts) of the main battery pack and converts it to a consistent and safe 5 or 6 volts for your receiver and servos.


High quality gold-plated connector, banana connector

dean connector

Dean type, T type connector

XT connector

XT60, XT90, XT150 connetor

Signal Wire

High quality soft signal wire

switch harness

This switch connect the battery  to the receiver  via an on/off position, which allows you to charge the receiver battery without removing it from the model.


High quality power silicon wire

Battery Charge Cable

Battery Charge Cable

prop adapter

Motor adapter for Sunshine, Ghost, multicopter motors.


High quality motor ball bearing

x mount

High quality motor X mount

motor shaft

High quality motor shaft

Motor Circlip

Motor Circlip

accessory pack

Motor accessory pack for Sunshine, Ghost series, multicopter motors

Motor prop saver

Motor prop saver