All our products meet CE, ROHS standard and have certificates.

For ESCs:
1. Quick throttle response, better support to firmware
2. Lower heating, we keep using original first-hand components and PCB with efficient heat-radiation.
3. Long-life working, good components enable ESCs work longer term, especially in extrem flight condition. Even in hot condition, ESCs with good components able to bear long time running with no problem. Like some customers respond, in normal condition, cheap ESCs and high-quality ESC seem same, however in extreme flight conditions, high-quality ESCs performance much better than cheap ones.
4. Workmanship, we keep using skilled workers in our production line. Good ESCs have tidy and clean soldering. We use Silicon wire which carry high current.

For Motors:
High quality magnetism, sintered NdFeB N35
Japan-Imported Ball bearing
Serious balance in factory production line
Enamelled covered copper wire

For propeller:
Good Toughness
Not easy to break
High tension
Light weight
Good balance
Enhance flight efficiency

For Servos:
a. High performance: exquisite apperance, precise gears and small noise.
b. Long working life: serve for over 10000 times, 40% higher than others.
c. Competitive price: advanced production tech reduce cost.
d. Good after sale service: products under 1 year warranty.